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Cross Center of

Benton Co, MN

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Other Local Services

Resurrection Lutheran Church
610 County Road 2

St. Joseph, MN
Open to everyone, sells packages of fruits, vegetables, and frozen meats. 3:30 - 5:30 on Monday night -see website for schedule and prices.  




Salem Lutheran Church 90 Riverside Dr. SE, St. Cloud, MN 56329    Dates for 2016:  

Sept 12, Oct 3,

Nov 7, Dec 5.  

(same choices and prices as the St. Joe one)


  in Ramey, MN
Bethany Lutheran Church
34238  Nature Rd
Pierz, MN  56364
2nd Wednesdayof the month


$20 for each unit of food.  Bring empty containers for your food.

Archives 2011

The Toy Distribution is on Saturday, December 17th at the First Presbyterian Church. The Cross Center is still in need of more toys. All help is appreciated!! Thank You!!

        (posted 12-14-11)

November 16 is Give to the MAX Day. Every donation has a chance of being doubled!! Read More

        (posted 11-8-11)

The CROSS Center recently had a site visit/inspection and we passed with flying colors. Thanks to everyone for all your hard work!!

        (posted 11-6-11)

The Fall, 2011 Edition Newsletter is released. Read it now!

        (posted 11-2-11)

Members of the Foley National Honor Society will be collecting nonperishable food items in the Foley neighborhood for the CROSS Center on Monday, October 31. Collection will start around 5:30 PM. Thank You!!

        (posted 10-20-11)

CROSS will soon start registering families for holiday programs. We will again offer the toy distribution and the giving trees. We will need toys donated, sponsors for the families and special holiday volunteers. Please consider  what your involvement will be this year. Watch for more information in the Benton County News in the weeks ahead.

        (posted 10-18-11)

The CROSS Center is again collecting partially filled Coborns Turkey cards or unstamped Coborns receipts (the whole receipt please).  This is a huge benefit for CROSS, as almost all of the turkeys we give during the holidays come to us through the Coborns Turkey Cards.  Thank you to Coborns for this partnership and to everyone who donates their turkey stamps to us.

        (posted 10-18-11)

CROSS will soon be sending out the CROSS newsletter, fall edition. If you would like to put your email address on the list, send it to us at  crosscenter@hotmail.com

        (posted 10-18-11)

The Scouts did a wonderful food drive for CROSS. They collected 639 pounds of food. That is great. Thank you Scouts and thank you to everyone who donated food.

        (posted 10-18-11)

The school supply program that offered school supplies to Foley students during August, served 63 students this year. A good supply of  school supplies were donated, thank you to all who helped. We will again be offering school supplies to all the parents who are participating in the toy distribution in December. Often more supplies are needed mid-school year.

        (posted 10-18-11)

The Clothing Store is OPEN once again!

        (posted 9-21-11)

We are now:  thecrosscenter.org

        (posted 9-20-11)

2nd Annual Stone Creek/Cross Center Golf Fundraiser - Sunday, June 19

Additional activities for CROSS: There will be silent auction, food, Pampered Chef and Tupperware demonstrations at Stone Creek on June 19.  The Pampered Chef and Tupperconnect party have both started pre-event order/sales which can be done on line and will take orders at the Golf Fundraiser. 

The Tupperconnect party: We can enter your email address and you will be sent a link for ordering. Businesses in Foley who have order information, in paper form, available are: Curves, Market, Wellness Center and CROSS Center. 

Any questions call Anne 320-492-9146 or email:   askroch@my.tupperware.com

Pampered Chef:  If you would like to place an order, you can go to www.pamperedchef.biz/carolluvskitchens.  Click "Shop on line" in the upper right corner and enter "CROSS Center".  You can also call Carol S. at 320-387-2366 if  you have any questions or to place an order.

Archives 2010

1st Annual Stone Creek/CROSS Center Golf Fundraiser - Sunday, September 26, 2010


(posted 9-3-10)


(updated 8-3-10)

CROSS Center Open House  *You are Invited*

(posted 8-3-10)


(posted 7-21-10)

The food shelf is back home once again!

(posted 6-26-10)

CROSS Center Building update.

CROSS Center of Benton Co., MN

PO Box 205

Foley, MN  56329

Thank you.

(posted 5-12-10)

Making Bracelets to Help the CROSS

    During the fall of 2009, Taylor Mondloch decided to help raise money for the drive and she wanted to help out in her own way. Luckily for us, Taylor makes beautiful, handmade bead bracelets plus book markers and erasers. After lots of time and hard work on her projects, Taylor sold the one-of-a-kind items to her friends and family earning a grand total of $18! Soon, Taylor and her mom, Julie, took that money to the bank and made a great deposit into the CROSS Center’s building fund.

    Thanks from all of us to Taylor and her family! And thanks to everyone else in the community who helps in their own way too!


(posted 4-15-10)

Benton County Employees Donate To CROSS Center and Foley Area CARE

    Benton County employees continued what has become a tradition of raising funds for local charities at their holiday party. The county Henry’s Banquet Center in Foley. Once again money was raised from a silent auction and the proceeds were donated to the CROSS Center and Foley Area CARE.

Pictured from L to R are: Connie Ramberg, CARE Program Administrative Assistant; Janis Brown, CARE; Carole Mersinger, CROSS; and Tammy Bigelow, Benton County. (Benton County News Photo)

(posted 1-29-10)

The CROSS Center Continues to Need YOUR Help.

    The building the CROSS Center had been renting was recently donated to our organization. With ownership, comes added responsibility to properly maintain our building and opportunity to make changes to better serve our clients and the community. 

    The CROSS Center first and foremost needed a new roof.  This part of the remodeling project has been completed now.  But the building itself had suffered from water damage as a result of the leaking roof.

    The next part of the project is to update the interior of the building to make it a safe, clean facility to distribute food and clothing and to bring our building up to code.  Some of the specific benefits include better layout of the building so that human traffic does not bottle neck in certain areas, office space that is private for the client and safe for the worker, new/better system for filling grocery orders, better layout of clothing/house wares utilizing the space more efficiently, and a cleaner work environment for the volunteers and clients. 

    Some of the items include updating the electrical, ensuring handicap accessibility to the bathroom and other spaces in the store, removing the carpet, updating the shelves for food storage, clothing area and updating some of the freezers for easier accessibility.  The price for this part of the project is $45-50,000.  The bids to replace the roof and move the air conditioner were up to $20,000.

     As so many of you may know, remodeling doesn’t come cheap.  The total project will come in between $60-75,000.  The CROSS Center has solicited bids from local businesses to the best of their ability to help the local economy.

    The CROSS Center has submitted grant applications to assist with these projects.  Matching funds from the community are expected by the grantors.  This is where the CROSS Center still needs your help.  The CROSS Center asks that you consider making a monetary donation for the CROSS Center Building Project.  Thank you for your consideration.

Please mail donations to:

Frandsen Bank & Trust

c/o CROSS Center Building Project Fund

PO Box 367

341 Fourth Ave. N.

Foley, MN  56329.

    The CROSS Center of Benton County is located at 150 Fourth Ave. N., Foley, MN  56329.  The CROSS Center is open Mondays from 1-4 p.m. and 6-8 p.m. and Thursdays from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Phone number: 320-968-7012.  (may temporarily be out of order due to remodeling)

    The CROSS (Christians Reaching Out in Social Service3) Center of Benton County includes a food shelf, clothing center, information, referrals, and support.   It is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status.  The mission of the CROSS Center is to provide encouragement and assistance to residents of Benton County who are experiencing short-term difficulties in meeting their basic needs for food and clothing. 

    Assistance is provided regardless of race, color or creed for those who qualify.  The CROSS Center serves ALL of Benton County.  In the true spirit of volunteerism, the CROSS Center is an all volunteer organization; there are no paid employees.

    For the food shelf alone, during the past year ending in April 2009, the CROSS Center served 1059 families or 3466 individuals.  For June 2009, 49 new people were served by the CROSS Center’s food shelf program.  The new people served were primarily children (ages 0-17) and adults (ages 18-64). These numbers do not include the school supply program, clothing distribution, holiday tree giving program, or the various referrals provided.

Thank You!

(posted 3-9-2010)

March Food Drive/Campaign

    With the help of churches, schools, groups and individuals, we collected $8,738 and 5877 pounds of food during the March Food drive! Added to the Coborn’s Ham Cards, we were able to restock many of our shelves and will be able to offer our clients a bigger selection of greatly needed food.

    The Foley Post Office collected 331 pounds of food May 8th, 2010, on their food collection.  Thursday morning the volunteers were able to sort it all. Good work!  Thank you to all who donated food and to the Foley Post Office!  

(posted 4-15-10)